Who We Are

Missionary work can be a tireless, yet so rewarding, endeavor. Doing the Lord’s work blesses the receiver and honors the giver. Sadly, however, while thankful to the Lord for all we have been able to accomplish, there is so much more that needs doing.

Since those early days we have made annual missionary trips to countries in need by bringing food and clothing as well as inspiring church services and medicine. We are there to provide friendship and hope to the needy and forgotten.

From our own pockets and with a loving heart and giving spirit, we have sacrificed for the needs of others less fortunate and have been blessed by doing so. It has been said that “when we give of ourselves, do we truly give”.

Those words have proven to hold so very true and are words we live by. We love what we do…but we can’t do it alone, we need help. Charity begins at home and finds its way to where it can do the most good.

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