What We Do

In these crusades we are overwhelmed with the number of people who answer the call to salvation and the testimonies of the Lord’s healing power. Before any open-air crusades in a foreign land, Angels Heartbeat fasts and prays against any works of the devil over that region.

We have encountered witches and devil worshipers performing their acts before the meetings. A Voodoo subculture still exists there.  We have even found body parts from sacrificed animals on the grounds where we were about to conduct these crusades.

Nevertheless, we are not afraid!  There is Power in the Blood of Jesus, and we will use the delegated authority God Himself has given to us through His Son to fight off all evil!

All of our crusades, small or large, are evangelistic.  Even though our sole purpose is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with demonstrations of His Spirit and power, we also promote Unity of the Church. Because we are non-denominational, we can conduct any crusade and invite all churches without limitation.  From hotel conference rooms to open air crusades, we have the honor and privilege to witness the Holy Spirit move within each meeting.  Worshippers have experienced such miracles as bones coming back to place, diseases being removed, vision and hearing being restored along with tumors and cysts disappearing.

As Matthew 19:26 states; nothing is impossible with God.  It only takes FAITH.

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