Mission Trips


According to the Gospel of John, God gives us the commandment to love one another as this is one of the ways people will know we are truly his disciples (John 13:34-35). With that being said, a christian’s purpose in life is to serve God and love one another.

Our Mission trips enable team members and missionaries an opportunity to serve in Haiti in many ways. Going on mission trips has allowed us to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and build stronger relationships; while interacting with the Haitian community in Haiti.

The mission trips have challenged us to step outside of our comfort zone and enter into an experience that forever changes lives. Our mission has strengthened faith through fervent prayer, financial support, and from providing food and medicines to comforting people in need in Haiti.

Our mission trips help families discover ways to serve God, to build a stronger family, and to make better use of their time by creating work and reaching out to the community.

God has a lot of plans for those who serve Him. I hope you can find in your heart to support this work and come with us on future mission trips to Haiti.


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