Jeffery Sejour

Born in America to Haitian parents, Jeffery Sejour holds a B.A. from Frostsburg State University with a focus on Economic Development and minors in French as well as, Geography. He also earned a, A.A. iNCertificate in International Area Studies that include the Middle East and Africa respectively.

Currently, Jeffery is studying to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

In the Summer of 2008, he began his internship with International Action, a non-profit organization, and became a full-time staff member the following year and remains with them to this day.

Jeffery has since taken on the role of Associate Director, overseeing all financial accounting and orginizational management. During his tenure with International Action he has been to Haiti nearly a dozen times in an effort to help their Hatian staff run the organization in a more effective and efficient manner.

In addition to his duties as Associate Director of International Action, he has managed and run the $500,000 organization. As a motivated and pro-active leader with 5 years experience in designing and implementing international development programs, Jeffery oversees fundraising, and is involved in structuring cost-effective and productive operations responsive to the needs of developing countries.

Moreover, he has successfully run the organization at the Executive level and has applied his professional accounting skills to their various domestic and foreign projects.

Jeffery has been heavily involved in executing a clean water project that now protects nearly one million Haitians from waterborne illnesses and disease.

Like his missionary parents, Jeffery has a servant’s heart.

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