Drive For Supplies

If ever there was truth in a statement, then this statement applies to the Angel’s Heartbeat’s Drive for Supplies program!

“One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure.

Each summer, Angel’s Heartbeat collects and distributes new and reusable supplies to students in need.  Students, teachers, and staff from Montgomery County, Maryland, donate used but reusable school supplies at the end of the school year when they clean out their lockers, book bags, and desks. The program not only benefits children in need but works to protect the environment by repurposing useable items that otherwise end up in landfills.

The Drive for Supplies project serves many functions.  In addition to obtaining school supplies, this is a great opportunity to promote community action.  Individual families and businesses can also participate by donating their usable supplies while student volunteers who sort the materials earn student service-learning hours.

During these tough economic times, collecting used supplies at the end of the school year also saves the school system money by reducing disposal costs.  And, at any time, by reducing what students normally would trash, they are also reducing waste in our community landfills.

Realizing education is paramount to a better future, Angel’s Heartbeat offers financial aid to some students to help to continue or finish their education.  All thanks to the benevolence of generous donors who blessed these students through the miracle of giving.

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